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Chaining up at the Barbour Fork trail head near Idaho Springs, CO

Conditions were almost ideal - powder snow that was not too deep and not very slick

This was the first challenge (significant incline and deeper snow) - but we broke through after a few runs at it

A scenic open area at the top made for an excellent lunch spot and a beautiful photo opportunity

Traffic jam?!  Sorry guys, I just had to take a picture. . .

Yota Cruiser (locked front and rear) broke trail in the tougher spots

Entering the forest again

Pit stop

Don't run over the camera man!

The usual suspects

A brief opening in the tight sqeeze between the trees

I can't believe I didn't break off my CB antenna on all those low tree branches

The trees open up revealing more spectacular views

An especially fluffy spot which if it had been a little more wet could have been impassible for some

Obligatory end-of-trip glam shot

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