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Welcome to my Jeepin' web site! I have owned three different Jeeps over the years, including a '76 Grand Wagoneer, a '95 Grand Cherokee, and my current vehicle, a '98 Grand Cherokee. This web site chronicles the "evolution" of the latter two with regards to accessories and modifications on my ZJ build history pages, and also photo documents many of my off-road excursions. I also have links to many of my favorite off-road sites below.

Favorite Jeep and 4x4 Links:
Click here for tech links

Other Favorites:
Ground Control 4x4
Poison Spyder Customs
Rockcrawler 4x4
Randy's Ring & Pinion
HoboJeepers Jeep Links
Exhaust Pros of Commerce City
Rocky Road Outfitters
Tech Links:
Tire Fitment Guide
Measuring Backspacing & Offset
Gear Ratio Guide
Speedometer Recalibration
Grand Cherokee Lingo
KevinsOffroad Tech Articles
Axle Ratio & Tire Size Calculator

Check out these sweet Grand Cherokee video clips!
Grand Slam West 2001-2002
Grand Slam West 2004
Note: These are large 45-85 MB .wmv files. Depending on your connection speed, you may need to save them to your desktop before viewing.

Looking for a group to wheel with from the Denver area?
Read more about the Calvary 4-Wheelers Club

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